November 28-30

2013, Bursa/ TURKEY

Invited Speakers
Atilla Bir,   Istanbul Technical University
Pioneers of the Automatic Control and Modern System Engineering Theory and Applications

Alain Fabre,   Laboratoire IMS-ENSEIRB
Encrypted Communications: Towards Very Low Consumption Frequency-Hopping Active Filters

Franco Maloberti,   University of Pavia
Data Converters for General Purpose Digital Signal Processors

Plenaries organized by IEEE Turkey Circuits and Systems Chapter:
George Gross,  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
 A Smart Grid Application: From the Vehicle-to-Grid(V2G) Concept to a Practical Framework for its Implementation.

Arthur H.M. van Roermund,   Eindhoven University of Technology
 Shifting the boundaries of analog and mixed-signal electronics

Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez,  University of Seville
Brain-Machine Interface Circuits

 Special Guest
 Tayfun Akgul,  Istanbul Technical University
 Scientific Cartoons

The Chamber of Electrical Engineers
Bursa Branch
Uludag University
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Istanbul Technical University
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The eighth "International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ELECO 2013" will be held on November 28-30,2013. in Bursa, Turkey.

ELECO is organized as international conferences in odd numbered years and as national conferences in even numbered years. As such, ELECO 2013 is the 8th international conference, that brings together researchers from many countries, serves as a forum for electrical, electronics engineers and scientists in academia and industry to present their works and to share their experiences in the area of electrical and electronics engineering.

ELECO 2013 is jointly organized by Uludag University, Bursa; Istanbul Technical University (ITU); and the Chamber of  Electrical Engineers (EMO), Bursa Branch.


Conference Venue: Bursa, Turkey


Contact & Information
The Chamber of Electrical Engineers Bursa Branch (EMO)
Bursa Akademik Odalar Birligi Yerleskesi (BAOB)
Odunluk Mah. Akademi Cad. No. 8
16040 Bursa, TURKEY
Phone: +90 224 4511212 , +90 224 4516193
Fax: +90 224 4519899
E-mail: eleco@emo.org.tr
Web site: http://www.eleco.org.tr

Conference Program is now available!

Registration Deadline:
November 15,2013.

Selected papers will be published in the ELECO'2013 Issue of the Journal "Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing".

Selected papers will be published in the Journal of "Measurement Science Review".

Proceedings of ELECO 2013 will be submitted to the IEEE-Xplore.

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